Cosmetic surgery Procedures - LASER

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Post operation care after LASER Skin resurfacing treatment

Post Laser skin treatment complete instructions are given. Immediately the treated area is covered with a special dressing, which is usually kept on for 7 days. Patients are reviewed at 1 week where further instructions are given.

Makeup May be used following re-epithelialisation (2 weeks). If your skin is erythematous (red), you can apply a green makeup (called a concealer) to neutralise the red colour, and then your normal makeup.


LASER Skin Resurfacing
LASER Skin Treatment

Blepharoplasty Casestudy

There are many procedures available nowadays to  "rejuvenate" skin including chemical peeling, mechanical dermabrasion, wrinkle relaxers and wrinkle fillers. Laser resurfacing is a brilliant way of rejuvenating and tightening skin when used appropriately. Enlarge image

Laser Resurfacing Video Laser Resurfacing Video
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